About Kyle


I’m a somewhat nomadic human that spends my professional time designing user experiences and my free time playing guitar, taking pictures, drawing pictures, and travelling as much as I can.

I took a dedicated interest in photography when I worked as an interaction designer and design researcher at frog design in Austin, Texas. There I learned how photography can be a powerful narrative tool to grow empathy, stir activity and inspire change within an organization. Soon after, I took to the road living as a remote worker in Central America, Mexico, and Asia before settling into another into my current home of Yangon, Myanmar.

Pretty much everything I own.

I write from time to time as well, check out my writings at Knowledge in Society, or follow me on twitter. I also have a Linkedin and a UX portfolio*


*My UX case studies are password protected, so you’ll have to message me at gnefkow87@gmail.com if you want to see more.