Case Studies

Below are a few examples of clients I’ve worked with and stories I’ve helped tell.


League of Legends: Wild Card Tournament

Riot Games, Mexico City, Mexico, 2016

Every year, League of Legends teams from around the world gather to compete for a slot at the popular esports’ world championship. In 2016, I followed eight teams for a week shooting their portraits, matches, and off-time to help RIOT Games update a world’s worth of fans. See More


League of Legends: Character Release Event

Riot Games, Mexico City, Mexico, 2016

The release of a new character into the mix for online videogame League of Legends is cause for a lot of fanfare. In early 2016, I teamed up with Latin America North to document their coordination of a scavenger hunt + art exibition for the release of the Jhin character. See More.